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Monday, July 14, 2014

Award for "The Most Precious"

On Thursday the Connecticut Watercolor Society called me and asked if I would be attending the reception. I asked if my painting was alright, ans he said that it was safe and sound. He informed me that I won an award for :"The Most Precious." I shouted with joy over the phone and said to James and the kids "I won an award!!! YEAH!!"

So I made the trek up to Hartford by myself on Sunday. The art was beautiful, and I was very excited to receive the award. The award giver told everyone my story of elation and screaming to my family of little kids "I won an award!!" Everybody laughed.

What I did not expect was after all the awards were given, people sought me out JUST so they could tell me that they loved my paintings. The positive response was much more than I ever experienced before. There was even one woman who told me she came back to the art so JUST so she could see the baby again! Two separate people told me that they could feel a strong feeling of peace and love coming from the painting. When I told the story to each person about my art series and what I hope to accomplish, it sent people into an even greater awe and excitement. Two experienced and talented painters (one of which received an award) told me that they thought I had talent, and complimented me for pursuing such a difficult and complicated subject at a young age. When the fifth person came up to me I started getting jittery and told her I feel funny receiving so much attention. She said I should embrace it.....All in all, I was deeply humbled by all of this response, and these paintings resonated with people from all different backgrounds, christian and non.  Maybe...Maybe I've got something here. I'm so happy that it is affecting people in such a positive and beautiful way.

I also promised my fans that if I won an award or sold a painting, I would do a dance in a bumble bee costume...So...Now I have to do it! Hahaha! It's a great way for me to share my joy in my successes, and I hope you will enjoy the silliness of it all. I also promised on Facebook that if I sold a painting by the end of the summer, I will do another dance in a pirate costume on a beach...a PUBLIC BEACH!

Cheers to you all!

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